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Why we do it

This project is a charitable and social initiative of our company and our employees in several places in the Czech Republic. Together we can help the planet, create a joint charity activity and do something special for the environment.


In this other way, we significantly support nature and the functioning of the ecosystem. The general dramatic decline in healthy and strong bee colonies has a major impact on agricultural production in our society.

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Our way of life has a huge impact on nature, which as we know disrupts the balance of the ecosystem.

This means that some species are in increasing danger of extinction due to environmental pollution.


Corporate beekeeping can be inspiring, environmentally sustainable and economically profitable for everyone. Urban rooftops are also an ideal place for beekeeping hives.


Bees are a good example of all this. Pollination of flowers plays a vital role in maintaining our plant world and thus the diversity of nature.

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Ing. Tomas Görig,

M.Sc. Lucie Sára Gőrigová 


Zdeněk Sedlák, CEO of EPRIN spol. s.r.o.

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