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Why we do it

The project is an initiative of the technology company EPRIN spol. s.r.o. Its main goals are to raise awareness of the importance of bees for the environment and promote a responsible approach to the protection of bees and other pollinators, save bee colonies from extinction, inspire companies and the general public about this issue, spread awareness and educate. Since its foundation, our company has been thinking about how and where it could be socially beneficial and useful. And if a bunch of good people come together, who don't care where and how they live, especially what legacy and legacy they leave behind, there is only one step left to charity. We are proud of ourselves!

Listen with us to the rhythmic buzzing of the bees. Long story short, without bees and pollination, life as we know it simply wouldn't be possible.

We help the planet, we support the environment

We inspire our surroundings, children and adults

We inspire surrounding companies and authorities

We share our experience through permanent team building

Own gift and advertising items, we limit plastics

We better understand nature's intentions,

which is perfect

We support the health of our teams

and customers

We fulfill the dreams of many people, to keep their own bees

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6.                      7.                       8.

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Thank you for your support to everyone who works with us on this project. Thank you also Technology Park Brno, a.s., without which the Technology Park site would not be possible to implement.

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